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"Lan​dscaping by Design"

Before: Homeowner wants total redesign. Awkward entrance, un-level foundation beds, high water table and deer issues

Goals: Fresh foundation planting, new stone walk and stoop. Hide utilities at side of house.

Stage One: Raised beds and new foundation and side yard planting

Yard drains poorly, so raised beds necessary for planting success

Stage One: New walkway and porch

Arizona stone best match with existing brick work

Stage Two: Tree Planting

Add native trees and wetland plants in raised bed.

Stage Two: Retaining wall

Design complete with completion of raised beds and wall.

Container Planting

Want lush? Plant in large pots

Before: Front Yard

Redesign needed after building addition onto home and removing old plantings.

After: Front Yard

Transplant large Boxwoods and weeping Cherry tree from back yard. Add fresh shrubs and plant bank to complete design.

Front Before

Before re-design

Front After

Planting the bank along the sidewalk

Side of driveway

Leftover Boxwood from back yard transplanted with Liriope to tie driveway to new front yard design.

Driveway Before

Goal to add steps off driveway to side yard and expand planting beds with flowering tree. Replace high maintenance hollies at garage

Driveway After

Transplanted Iris, correctly sized evergreens at garage door, small tree planted with groundcovers to reduce future mulching needs and Liriope edge to retain mulch in bed.

Before Front yard

Goal: Overgrown Azaleas to be transplanted and Japanese Maple reduced 25%, the maximum recommended. Add four season focal point to bed.

After Front yard

Lone Japanese Maple at entrance now has some help creating a nice garden focal point. We added an evergreen columnar and ground covers with large stones to add winter interest and balance garden.

After Front yard

Replace wispy Azaleas with evergreens that have more presence because of density of foliage and dark green color. All front yard beds were edged with variegated Liriope to increase brightness and add needed color.

Before Side yard

Add deer proof plants to stone wall and woodland edge next to parkland

After Side yard

Added native trees, creeping evergreens to spill over wall, deer proof upright evergreens, etc.

Before: Patio repairs needed

Azaleas bare from deer browsing

After Patio

Pavers reset, evergreen replaced non performing Azaleas

25 " containers with evergreen conifers

The pots performed beautifully for over 4 years despite being exposed to full sun and wind on balcony. Homeowner diligently watered them every 3 days all through the gardening season. We did annual minor pruning and composted.


requested re-design: replace front stoop and stepping stone walkway.


Widened front walk and curved porch steps are dramatic improvements to the front entrance of this home.  

Cedar arbor was added to this side yard to create a doorway into a new woodland 'garden room' and flanked with evergreens for screening.